Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

 I am 13 weeks pregnant now. Is it safe to have sex with my husband during this time? I am wondering if having sex causes any harm to my baby or not.

-Joyita I.


Sex during pregnancy, for the most part, is totally safe and won’t hurt you or the baby in any way. As long as your midwife or physician has not instructed you to avoid sex because of an infection, the location of your placenta, or because your cervix is prematurely dilated, you can definitely go for it. During pregnancy the location of your cervix may change, which may make the positions you usually use less comfortable. If this is the case, consider positions in which the person with a penis is behind you (like spooning or hands-and-knees), or with you on top. Important things to remember: you’re already pregnant so you can’t get pregnant again, but you CAN get a sexually transmitted infection, so if you do not know the STI status of your partner be sure to use condoms.  Additionally, your hormones are changing all over the place which can decrease your vaginal discharge, so don’t forget to use lubricant if you need it. It is common to have some light spotting after sex during pregnancy, but if you have heavy bleeding like a period that does not stop after an hour, call your provider or go to the emergency room right away.


Answered by Chloe Lubell, CNM, MSN, WHNP


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