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Sexuality 101

Sexuality is an intrinsic part of being human that can bring pleasure, intimacy, and stress relief. Culture, religious beliefs, and family traditions all affect who we are sexually. No matter how you define your personal sexuality, it affects your overall health and wellbeing throughout your life, including during and after pregnancy. It’s always important to pay attention to your sexual…

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How does the NuvaRing work?

I have heard that the NuvaRing releases hormones locally, not systemically like the pill, but I don’t really understand what that means. Can you explain? –Terri K.   It is correct that the NuvaRing, which you place in your vagina for 3 weeks, releases hormones directly into the vagina. That’s what “locally” means. However, those hormones are absorbed through the…

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Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

 I am 13 weeks pregnant now. Is it safe to have sex with my husband during this time? I am wondering if having sex causes any harm to my baby or not. -Joyita I.   Sex during pregnancy, for the most part, is totally safe and won’t hurt you or the baby in any way. As long as your midwife…

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