How Can I Become A Midwife?

Hi there! I’m Sharon, I’m 15 years old, I live in Holland and I would love to study for becoming a midwife. Could you tell me if it’s possible to find a job as a midwife in America? And to become a midwife in America, is it necessary to study in America or can I also study in Holland? I would really appreciate it if you could answer my questions.

-Sharon K.


If you plan to practice midwifery in America, it is much better to attend a midwifery education program in America for several reasons: Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs) and Certified Midwives (CMs) provide the full range of primary health care services to women from adolescence through menopause and beyond, not just reproductive health care, thus foreign-educated midwives must usually attend midwifery programs in America for the extra educational and clinical experiences in primary care for women. In order to take the American national midwifery certification exam, one must have a graduate (i.e. master’s or doctoral) degree, and in most other countries, the midwifery degree is not necessarily at the master’s or doctoral level. Also, midwives in America must obtain a license from the state in which they practice, and each state has slightly different licensing laws; in the majority of states, one must be a CNM in order to practice, which means an undergraduate degree in nursing as well as a graduate degree in midwifery. You can learn more about midwifery education here.


Answered by Elaine Germano, CNM, DrPH, FACNM



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