PregSource™ Asks Moms-To-Be to Share What Pregnancy Is Really Like

For all that we know about pregnancy problems, we seem to know relatively little about the everyday pregnancy experience. For instance, what changes do women see in their sleeping patterns or energy levels? What unique challenges do women with physical disabilities face in their pregnancies?

Researchers are trying to answer these and other questions through a new research project called PregSource. PregSource enables women to share information about their pregnancy symptoms and overall health through a free, confidential website.

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) is partnering with the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development and other organizations to encourage moms-to-be to join this nationwide community of women to help shape pregnancy care.

“Every woman experiences pregnancy differently,” said ACNM President, Lisa Kane Low. “We want to hear about these experiences so we can answer important research questions like how many women get morning sickness? What are the patterns of weight gain during pregnancy? Surprisingly, we don’t have answers to these types of questions.”

PregSource is a tool for pregnant women to:

  • Track their weight, mood, sleep, diet, and physical activity
  • Share health updates with their health care providers
  • Compare their experiences with those of other pregnant women across the nation
  • Get expert health information from trusted sources without ads or product placement

If you are pregnant, consider joining PregSource to track your daily progress. Unlike other sites, PregSource collects information only for research purposes, meaning your personal information, like names and phone numbers, will remain secure and confidential. PregSource also will not sell your information, and you will not receive ads for pregnancy- or baby-related products or services through the site. The project is not testing any medical treatments—it’s just collecting information about pregnancy.

PregSource is open to any pregnant woman age 18 to 70. There is no cost to join, and women can stop participating at any time.

You can make a difference by simply sharing your experiences or encouraging the other moms-to-be that you know to do the same. Visit to learn more today.

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