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Diabetes and Pregnancy: The Not-So-Sweet Story

By Patricia Markland Cole, MPH, MotherToBaby Massachusetts November is Diabetes Awareness Month and both of my parents in recent years have been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes (a preventable form of diabetes where the body can no longer control the amount of sugar in the blood), so it’s a particularly relatable month for me. Because “the apple does not fall…

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Gestational Diabetes: What Happens After My Baby Is Born?

What is Gestational Diabetes? Gestational diabetes happens when your pregnancy hormones stop insulin (the hormone that lowers blood sugar) from doing its job of moving sugar out of the blood and into your cells. Th is can cause your blood sugar levels to get too high. If you have gestational diabetes, you will change your diet to help your blood…

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The Guide to Gestational Diabetes

What Is Diabetes? Diabetes is a health problem that results in too much sugar in the bloodstream and not enough in cells where it can be used for energy. The problem occurs when the body is not able to make the hormone insulin (type 1 diabetes) or the insulin that is made doesn’t work very well (type 2 diabetes). Gestational…

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